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Zwingli, Ulrich

Born: 1481 AD
Died: 1531 AD

1481- Birth of the leader of the Swiss Reformation


1506-1516 – He became a priest in Glarus and accompanied Swiss mercenary troops as chaplain on various Italian campaigns, becoming convinced that the mercenary of the Grand Minister in Zurich, where he preached powerful sermons based on the scriptures, denounced the mercenary trade, dropped his own papal subsidy, and attacked ecclesiastical abuse


1522 – Trouble developed with the bishop of Constance when several of Zwingli’s associated ate meat on a fast day


1524 – Iconoclasts removed religious statuary from the church, and the next year the Catholic mass was replaced with a Zwinglian communion using both bread and wine as symbols of Christ’s body and blood


1523 – Zwingli’s Sixty-seven Articles for disputation became a basic doctrinal document for the Swiss reformed church


          – Zwingli was active in extending the reformed to other Swiss cities, such as Basel, Sankt Gallen, and Bern


          – He was involved in controversy not just with Catholic opponents but also with the Lutheran reformers because he denied Christ’s real presence in any form in the EUCHARIST


1529 – The effort to reconcile the view of Zwingli and Luther at the Colloquy of Marburg failed.


          – Zwingli also opposed the Anabaptists in Zurich who rejected infant baptism


1531 – He was killed on the battlefield of Kappel when the Catholic cantons of Southern Switzerland attacked Zurich