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Zuma, Jacob Gedleyihlekisa

Born: 1942 AD
Currently alive, at 77 years of age.

1942 – He was born on the 12th day of April this year in Inkandla, KwaZulu-Natal Province. Owing to his deprived childhood, Jacob Zuma did not receive any formal schooling.
1959 – He became involved in politics at an early age and joined the African National Congress.
1962 – He became an active member of Umkhonto We Sizwe, following the banning of the ANC in 1960.
1963 – He was arrested with a group of 45 recruits near Zeerust, on his way out of the country.
1973 – Upon hi released, he helped mobilized internal resistance and was instrumental in the re-establishment of ANC underground structures
1975 – He left South Africa and for the next 12 years, based first in Swaziland and then Mozambique, dealt with thousands of young exiles.
1977 – He rose rapidly through the ranks to become a member of the ANC National Executive Committee.
1984 – He also served as Deputy Chief Representative of the ANC in Mozambique.
1987 – He was forced to leave Mozambique in January this year, after considerable pressure on the Mozambican government.
1990 – He was one of the first ANC leaders to return to South Africa to begin the process of negotiations. He was designated Chairperson of the Southern Natal region and took a leading role in fighting aggression in the region.
1991 – He was elected the Deputy Secretary General of the ANC.
1994 – He was nominated as the ANC candidate for the Premiership of the KZN province. He’s generally looked upon as the person most involved in attaining peace. And he was elected National Chairperson of the ANC and chairperson of the ANC
1996 – He was re-elected.
1997 – He was elected Deputy President of the ANC at the National Conference held at Mafikeng in December that year.
1999 – He was appointed Executive Deputy President of South Africa in June this year.