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Zuckert, Eugene Martin

Born: 1911 AD
Died: 2000 AD

1911 – He was born this year and lived in Chevy Chase, M.d.
1933 – He graduated from Yale in 1933
1937 – His public service has begun this year, the year he received his law degree at Yale University.
1944 – He enlisted in the Navy and wound up as an assistant to Stuart Symington, who was named the assistant secretary of war for air.
1945 – His first wife, Kathleen Barnes Zuckert died.
1947 – He was the last survivor of the small team of key officials who turned the Air Force into a separate branch of the Armed Services.
1952 – He was a member of the Atomic Energy Commission.
1958 – He helped bring the idea to life in the project called Project Hope.
1961 – He was appointed by President John F. Kennedy as the Secretary of the Air Force.
1965 – By the time he resigned, He had served in the secretary’s post longer than anybody before him. The Air Force award for outstanding management achievement is named in his honor.
1967 – He was board chairman of Project Hope for fourteen years.
1985 – His second wife, Barbara Jackman Zuckert died.
2000 – He died at the age of 88 years old in Washington, D.C.