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Zhelev, Zhelyu

Born: 1935 AD
Currently alive, at 84 years of age.

1935 – He was born on the 3rd day of March in the village of Veselinovo.
1958 – He graduated in philosophy from the Sofia University.
1965 – He is a member of the Bulgarian Communist Party, but expelled for political reasons
1974 – He earned his Ph.D.
1982 – He has written a number of books but “The Facism” is most notable one.
1988 – He founded the Ruse Committee and a year later became a founding member and chairman of the Club for Support of Glasnost and Restructuring.
1990 – He was elected as the President of Bulgaria.
1992 – He became the first democratically elected Bulgarian President and served his full five-year term.
1996 – He was defeated in the election still remained in politics, but on a much smaller scale. He became Honorary Chair of the Liberal Democratic Union and Honorary Chair of the Liberal International.
1997 – He went on to establish and preside over a foundation named after him. He became the initiator and president of the Balkan Political Club.