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Zetkin, Clara

Born: 1857 AD
Died: 1933 AD

1857 – A socialist German politician and fighter for women’s rights were born on the 5th day of July in Wiederau, Saxony.
1874 – After having studied to become a teacher, she developed connections with the women’s movement and the labor movement in Germany.
1878 – She joined the Socialist Workers’ Party
1882 – She left for Zurich , because of the ban on socialist activity in Germany placed by Bismarck then went into exile in Paris.
1916 – She became the co-founders of the Spartacist League and the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany which had split off after a year.
1917 – She was active in the Social Democratic Party of Germany, and then she joined the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany.
1920 – She represented in the Reichstag during the Weimar Republic for over thirteen years.
1924 – She was a member of the KPD’s central office.
1927 – She was a member of the party’s central committee for two years.
1933 – When Adolf Hitler took over power she went into exile for the last time, this time to the Soviet Union where she died at Archangelskoye, near Moscow.