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Zeller, Eduard

Born: 1814 AD
Died: 1908 AD

1814 – He was born at in Württemberg, and educated at the University of Tübingen.


1844 – His greatest work is his Philosophie der Griechen , though he also wrote theology and published three volumes of philosophical essays.


1847 – He became a professor of theology at Berne.


1849 – He became a professor of theology at Marburg, and then he migrated soon to the faculty of philosophy as the result of disputes with the Clerical party.


1862 – He became professor of philosophy at the University of Heidelberg.

1872 – He moved to Berlin.


1895 – He retired this year


1902 – This book he continued to amplify and improve in the light of further research; the last edition appeared in this year. It was translated into most of the European languages and became the recognized text-book on Greek philosophy.


1908 – The year he died.