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Zelaya, Jose Santos

Born: 1853 AD
Died: 1919 AD

1853 – He was born on the 31st day of October this year in Managua, he’s from a wealthy coffee planter.

1876 – After his advance study in France, he returns home and partakes in many schemes against the Conservative administrations and one time was exiled for such action.

1893 – After Roberto Sacasa was thrown out because of the division within his party, he heading a liberal group emerged as the president.

1907 – He had encouraged a revolutionary attack on the Honduran government which was futile.

1909 – He made an exile in Mexico after his resignation and the inexplicable odd caused by executing two Americans on his orders.

1913 – He went to Spain then to USA to face charges against him for the murder of two Americans, he was jailed for eight days.

1916 – He went back to Spain after the charges were dropped, then later on return to New York.

1919 – He died on the 17th day of May this year.