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Zayas [y Alonso], Alfredo

Born: 1861 AD
Died: 1934 AD

1861 – Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso was born on February 21 in the city of Havana, Cuba. He is a son of Dr. Jose Maria de Zayas y Jimenez, a noted lawyer and educator.


1882- Received the degree of Licenciado en Derecho from the University of Havana where he took up Law.


1896- Arrested and imprisoned having a revolutionary activities being a member of Autonomist party, contributor of propagandist articles and editor of such magazine.


1889 – Performed as Prosecuting Attorney.


1891- Obtained a position as a Municipal Judge.


1901 – Summoned as acting Mayor of Havana.


1905 – Acquired a position being a Senate President.


1908 – Elected as a Vice President and one of the leader of Liberal party under Jose Miguel Gomez.


1921- Became the President of Cuba. He seated until 1925.


1934- Alfredo Zayas y Alfonso passed away.