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Yamasaki, Minoru

Born: 1912 AD
Died: 1986 AD

1912 – Born in Seattle, Washington.

1932 – took up architecture at the University of Washington

1941 – married Teruko Hirashiki

1945 – flew to New York to complete his professional education, and did his practice in suburban Detroit, Michigan
– became the chief of design at Smith Hinchman & Gryllis company in Detroit

1949 – established a company along with George Hellmuth and Joseph Leinweber
1953-1955 – designed the Missouri’s St. Louis airport uses huge concrete shell vaults for dramatic interior effects

1959 – split up with his business partners

1961 – divorced Teruko

1964 – also did the design for IBM Building

1965 – designed the Woodrow Wilson building in Princeton, New Jersey, with Gothic arches in almost every corner and the exterior screened by rows of tapered columns
1969 – got back to Teruko

– designed the 110 stories high building, for the WORLD TRADE CENTER in New York City
– includes his work for Rainier Square and tower

1986- Died of cancer