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Wyman, Jane

Born: 1914 AD
Currently alive, at 105 years of age.

1917 – He was born on the 5th day of January this year in Saint Joseph, Missouri.

1921 -Her parents divorced. Her father died unexpectedly the following year. She assumed the name Sarah Jane Fulks in honor of her neighbors, who unofficially adopted her after her father died.

1928 – She moved to southern California, where her mother tried to start an acting career. When that was unsuccessful, she turned to her daughter as an alternative but neither was able to find work.

1930 – She began a radio singing career, calling herself "Jane Durrell", and possibly adding years to her birthdate to work legally since she would have been underage.

1932 – She was back in California (in Hollywood), obtaining small parts in The Kid from Spain as a "Goldwyn Girl".

1939 – She was cast in her first starring role, in Torchy Plays With Dynamite. Wyman finally gained critical notice in the film noir The Lost Weekend in 1945.

1940 – She was married to Ronald Reagan this year and stayed as couple for eight years. She married Fred Karger twice, in 1952 and in 1961 until they finally divorced for good in 1965.

1948 – She won her first ever Academy Best Actress trophy for the movie “Johnny Belinda”, playing the role of a deaf-mute rape victim.

1949 – She won as Best Actress in the Golden Globe Award for the same movie.

1959 – She came back to the big screen after her anthology series to replace the ailing Gene Tierney in Holiday for Lovers in this year,  Pollyanna in 1960, Bon Voyage in 1962, and her final big screen movie How to Commit Marriage in 1969.

1981 – Wyman’s career enjoyed a resurgence when she was cast as diabolical California vintner and family matriarch Angela Channing in the primetime soap opera Falcon Crest, which ran from this year to 1990.

1997 – She retired this year.

2003 – She moved to a retirement home in Palm Springs, California. As of 2007, she had starred in 83 movies, two successful TV series, and was nominated for an Academy Award four times, winning once.