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Winger, Mary Debra

Born: 1955 AD
Currently alive, at 64 years of age.

1955 – Mary Debra Winger was born in Cleveland, Ohio on May 16th to a Jewish family.

1970-1980 – Graduated from Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High School, Northridge, California.

         – She did commercials and guest-starred on 70s TV shows like "Police Woman" and "Wonder Woman" where she played Lynda Carter’s little sister, "Wonder Girl".

         – She also made her feature film debut in the forgettable soft-core film Slumber Party ’57. Her next two films French Postcards and Thank God It’s Friday did absolutely nothing for her career. When Sissy Spacek said no to playing the character "Sissy" in Urban Cowboy, every unknown actress in Hollywood pursued the role.  

1982 – She became part of one of the top grossing films of all time by providing her deep, throaty voice to the title character of E.T. Extra Terrestrial.

         – She also received her first Academy Award nomination as Best Actress for the huge hit Officer and a Gentleman, where her on-screen love scenes with Richard Gere became just as legendary as her off-screen fights with him and director Taylor Hackford.

1986 – Married to Timothy Hutton on March 16th.

1993 – She received good notices for A Dangerous Woman, but it was Shadowlands which finally brought her renewed respectability and her third Academy Award nomination as Best Actress.

1996 – Married to Arliss Howard on November 28th.

2005 – She has ventured out into television as well by earning her first Emmy nomination as Best Actress for Dawn Anna directed by her husband.