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Williams, Elisha

Born: 1694 AD
Died: 1755 AD

1694 – Born on the 26th of August.

1711 – He was educated at Harvard, graduating, at the age of seventeen.

1722 – He studied divinity with his father and was ordained a clergyman.

1726 – Served the church at Wethersfield, when he became fourth Rector of Yale College, serving in that capacity for thirteen years.

         – He was a Congregational minister, legislator, jurist, and rector of Yale College.

1739 – He entered the position during a troubled period of Yale’s history; by the time of his resignation, for reasons of health, he left the college firmly established.

1749 – He was again a member of the Connecticut legislature and was appointed Judge of the Superior Court.

1745 – He was a Colonel of Militia, and served as Chaplain in the expedition sent against Cape Breton.

1754 – He was a delegate to the Albany Congress.

1755 – Died on the 22nd of October at Wethersfield, Connecticut and is buried there.