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West, Mary Jane

Born: 1892 AD
Died: 1980 AD

1893 – Born on August 17th in Brooklyn, New York. Mae West was an American screen legend and erotic icon famous for her voluptuous figure, sexy innuendos, and irrepressible wit.

1898-1911 – She started Mae off in show business as early as age 5, according to some reports, and by age 7 Mae had won the gold medal in a talent show, with Tillie billing her as "Baby Mae". By age 12 she was appearing on the vaudeville circuit and was soon performing as the sexy "Baby Vamp". At 18 she introduced vaudeville to the "shimmy", a sexy full body undulation that she’d first observed in the blues bars of Chicago.

1926 – Her first major run in with censorship laws came when she was jailed for the play Sex, which she both wrote and starred in.

1927 – West was back in trouble again. Her new play Drag, about a homosexual party, was a big hit in New Jersey. But it was banned from Broadway and was soon bogged down in extensive legal battles.

1934 – Hollywood was being squeezed toward more exact compliance with the strict Motion Picture Production Code. Since West was not one to give in easily and she managed for a while to pull a clever bait and switch with the censors.

1978 – In the filming of Sextette, her last film, she often needed to rest during scenes. And she forgot her lines so often that it was necessary to fit her with an ear piece so she could be prompted with her lines.
1980 – Died from a stroke on November 22nd in Hollywood, California.