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Wergeland, Henrik Arnold Thaulow

Born: 1808 AD
Died: 1845 AD

1808 – Born in June 17th in Kristiansand, Norway. Norwegian poet, playwright, and patriot, symbol of Norway’s independence.

1817 – He became a Protestant minister at Eidsvoll, where the convention had been held.

1825 – Wergeland entered the University of Christiania (now Oslo), where he studied theology, history and botany.

1829 – He graduated with a degree in theology and then started his career as a free-lance writer.

1830 – He is best known for his poetry, notably his Creation epic, Skabelsen, Mennesket, og Messias (Creation, Humanity, and Messiah), and for such narrative poems as Den Engelske Lods (The English Pilot).

1839 – Wergeland married Amalie Bekkenvold and next year he was appointed an archivist in government service.

1845 – Died on July 12th.