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Webb, John

Born: 1611 AD
Died: 1672 AD

1611 – John Webb was born in Butley in Somerset and became son-in-law and personal assistant to fellow architect and theatre designer Inigo Jones from having married his neice Anne.

1654 – 1668 – He also designed the rebuild of Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire and made alterations to Northumberland House.

1654 – He designed the first classical portico on an English country house, at The Vyne in Hampshire. In the corinthian style this portico stamps this older house as Palladian, 50 years before the birth of Lord Burlington.

1662 – Designed King Charles Court, which later formed the first part of Greenwich Hospital, a short distance from the Queen’s House, Jones’ masterpiece at the foot of Greenwich Park. Webb also went on to design the enlargement of the Queen’s House.

1672 – Died on the 24th of October.