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Watt, James

Born: 1736 AD
Died: 1819 AD

1736 – James Watt Inventor, born in Greenock, Inverclyde, WC Scotland, UK on the 19th of January.

1754 – He went to Glasgow to learn the trade of mathematical-instrument maker, and there, after a year in London, he set up in business.

1759 – He was studying steam as a motive force.

1763 – 1764 – In the course of repairing a working model of the Newcomen engine, he found he could greatly improve its efficiency by using a separate steam condenser.

1774 – After other improvements, he went into partnership with Matthew Boulton, and the new engine was manufactured at Birmingham.

1784 – In one of his patents, he describes a steam locomotive, but he never prosecuted this, and when William Murdoch, his chief assistant (famous as the inventor of gas-lighting), made experiments on the same lines, he gave him little encouragement.

1794 – The partners established Boulton and him to exclusively manufacture steam engines, and this became a large enterprise.

1819 – He died in his home "Heathfield" in Handsworth, Staffordshire on the 19th of August at the age of 83.