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Washington, George

Born: 1732 AD
Died: 1799 AD

US general and politician


led Virginia militia in French and Indian War 1754, 1755-1758


member of House of Burgesses 1759-1774


Virginia delegate to Continental Congress 1774-1775


commander-in-chief of Continental army during American Revolution 1775-1783


forced British troops to evacuate Boston 1776


after crossing Delaware River 1776, defeated Hessians under Johann Rall at battle of Trenton 1776


defeated British troops of Charles Cornwallis at battle of Princeton 1777, solidifying American control over New Jersey


defeated by British troops under William Howe at battle of Brandywine 1777 and battle of Germantown 1777, losing American control over Pennsylvania


settled troops for winter at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania 1777-1778


defeated British troops of Charles Cornwallis at battle of Yorktown 1781, causing Cornwallis’ surrender, British capitulation, and end of American Revolution


president of Constitutional Convention 1787


1st president of US 1789-1797 (only unanimously elected US president)


established 1st presidential cabinet 1789


moved US capital from New York City to Philadelphia 1790


oversaw establishment of Bank of US 1791 and US Mint at Philadelphia 1792


declared US impartiality in European War of the First Coalition 1793


ordered suppression of Whiskey Rebellion 1794


issued Farewell Address 1796, warning against partisanship and entangling foreign alliances