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Born: 1550 AD
Died: 2300 AD

155 – Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus, anglicized as Tertullian was born this year in Carthage known today as Tunisia. He denounced Christian doctrines he considered heretical, but later in life adopted views that came to be regarded as heretical themselves. He was the first great writer of Latin Christianity, thus sometimes known as the "father of the Latin Church". He introduced the term Trinity


197 – His conversion to Christianity took place about this year or in year 198 (cf. Adolf Harnack, Bonwetsch, and others), but its immediate antecedents are unknown except as they are conjectured from his writings.


207 – He broke with the Catholic Church and became the local leader and the passionate and brilliant exponent of Montanism, that is, he became a heretic. But even the Montanists were not rigorous enough for him who broke with them to found his own sect. The five books against Marcion, written in this year or in 208, are the most comprehensive and elaborate of his polemical works, invaluable for the understanding of Gnosticism.


230 – He died this year in Carthage, where he was born and lived until the time he passed away.