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Born: 1768 AD
Died: 1813 AD

1768 – Tecumseh was born in an Indian village near present-day Springfield, Ohio. A Shawnee Indian chief, orator, military leader, and advocate of intertribal Indian alliance who directed Indian resistance to white rule in the Ohio River valley. 1974 – At the call of Bluejacket, the Shawnee chief who was collecting a force to meet a U.S. army under Major General Anthony Wayne, Tecumseh returned to Ohio, where he directed the unsuccessful attack on Fort Recovery in June.          – He led part of Bluejacket’s force when it was decisively defeated by Wayne at Fallen Timbers. There he saw another older brother, Sauwaseekau, killed on August 20th. 1975 – He refused to recognize it and roundly attacked the “peace” chiefs who signed away land that he contended they did not own when the Treaty of Greenville was negotiated in August. 1792 – He saw his brother Cheeseekau killed in an unsuccessful raid near Nashville, Tennessee, in September. 1811 – Tecumseh was in the South, William Henry Harrison, governor of the Indiana Territory, marched up the Wabash River and camped near the brothers’ settlement. 1812 – He joined British forces for the capture of Detroit and the invasion of Ohio. 1813 – A decisive battle against William Henry Harrison’s U.S. troops ended in Tecumseh’s defeat and death on October 5th in Thames River, Upper Canada (now in Ontario, Canada). His body was carried from the field and buried secretly in a grave that has never been discovered.