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Taylor, Charles Ghankay

Born: 1948 AD
Currently alive, at 71 years of age.

Liberian rebel leader and politician


helped overthrow Samuel Doe 1990


guerrilla leader in Liberian civil war 1991-1996


member of transitional Executive Council of State of Liberia 1996-1997


elected president in free multiparty election 1997


president of Liberia 1997-2003


Indicted by United NAtions backed Special Court for Sierra Leone 2003

under pressure from rebel forces and international mediators, as part of a political peace making measure,resigned from office and entered exile in Nigeria 2003

Extradited to Liberia, arrested by United Nations Forces, and imprisoned at the Special Court facility in Freetown  2006

Transferred to international criminal court in the Hague (under Special Court Jurisdiction) 2007