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Born: 4250 AD
Died: 4910 AD

425 – Born in Isauria. He was also known as Tarasicodissa, a Byzantine emperor.

466 – Lead an army against the German troops of Aspar, at the request of Emperor Leo 1.

468 – Married Ariadne, daughter of Emperor Leo 1. They had a son named Leo II.

469 – Appointed consul and master of the soldiers.

         – Expeled the Vandals from Epirus (modern Albania).

474 – Zeno’s young son, Leo, becomes emperor on January 18th.

         – Leo I died on November 17th, Zeno becomes new emperor, but discovers soon that he is resented for his background.

475 – Illius, Zeno’s advsior, attempts a coup against him together with Basilicus. Zeno is forced to flee to Antioch.

476 – Illius returns to Zeno’s party, and Zeno seeks aid from the Ostrogoth chief, Theodoric, allowing him to return to Constantinople.

         – In the west, chieftain of the Heruli, Odoacer, deposes Emperor Romulus Augustus; Zeno having regained the throne is unable to intervene. With this the Western Roman Empire ended.

         – Forged a lasting peace with the Vandals.

478 – New revolt by Marcian of the royal family together with Ostrogoth chief, Theodoric Strabo. Again, Illius crushes it, securing Zeno’s position.

482 – Published the Henoticon, aiming at reconciling the differing views of the nature of Christ.

484 – Illius rebels against Zeno the second time.

         – The Henoticon is rejected by Pope Felix II (in Rome), causing a schism between Constantinople and Rome. It would not be mended until 35 years later.

489 – Managed to make the Ostrogoths to leave his realm, by making their Theodoric king of Italy.

491 – Died on April 9th, and Ariadne selects Anastasius to succeed as emperor.