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Talib, Ali ibn Abi

Born: 5990 AD
Died: 6610 AD

599 CE – Ali was born on 13 Rajab in Makkah, in the Hijaz region of central western Arabia. According to well-known traditional accounts Ali was born ten years before the commencement of the prophetic mission of the Muhammad, sometime around 599 CE or 600 CE (approximately)


622 CE – The year of Muhammad’s migration to Yathrib, Ali risked his life by sleeping in Muhammad’s bed to impersonate him and thwart an assassination plot, so that Muhammad and Abu Bakr could flee in safety. This night is called "Laylat almabit".


624 CE – This is the year when Ali was distinguished as a warrior at the Battle of Badr.


661 CE – This is the year when Ali ibn Abi Talib died three days after receiving the head wound, in the city of Kufa (Iraq). The date is the 21st of Ramadan.