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Stone, Thomas

Born: 1743 AD
Died: 1787 AD

1743 – Thomas Stone was born into a prominent family at Poynton Manor in Charles County, Maryland. He was the second son in the large family of David and Elizabeth Jenifer Stone. He was an American planter who signed United States Declaration of Independence as a delegate for Maryland.

1768 – Married Margaret Brown, the youngest daughter of Dr. Gustavis Brown, thought to be the richest man in the county.

1775 – The Maryland convention sent him as a delegate to the Continental Congress. He was re-elected and attended regularly for several years.

1776 – On the 15th of May, he voted in favor of drafting a declaration of independence, in spite of restrictions from the Maryland convention that prevented their delegates from supporting it. In June the restriction was lifted, so Maryland’s delegates were free to vote for Independence.

1777 – He later worked on the committee that formed the Articles of Confederation.

1779 – 1785 – Stone did accept election to the Maryland Senate, at first in order to promote the Articles of Confederation, which Maryland was the last state to approve.

1784 – Became President of Congress.

1787 –  When Margaret died, he became depressed and died less than four months later in Alexandria on the 5th of October. Thomas was buried at his plantation home, which still stands. Habredeventure today is the centerpiece of the Thomas Stone National Historic Site, and is operated as a museum by the National Park Service. It is located at 6655 Rose Hill Road, Port Tobacco Village, Maryland, 20677.