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Smith, Dennis

Born: 1940 AD
Currently alive, at 79 years of age.

1940 – Dennis Smith is a former firefighter, a writer and president of a company offering financial services to emergency services personnel. He is an advocate for firefighters in the United States.

1963 – Began his career as a firefighter in the New York Fire Department and served in some of the city’s most active and dangerous fire districts.

1972 – He published Report from Engine Co. 82, a non-fictional account of life in the South Bronx firehouse – the world’s busiest – in which he served.

1976 – He founded Firehouse magazine, the largest circulating magazine for firefighters in the world.

1991 – He sold Firehouse, but continues as Founding Editor.

       – Created the Foundation for the Health and Safety of American Firefighters with the royalties from one of his books.

1998 – He began an affinity-marketing program with Chase Manhattan Home Mortgage Company for the provision of home mortgages to firefighters.

2002 – His most recent, Report from Ground Zero, was number twoon the New York Times Best Seller list in March, the Senior Counsel to “The United States Commission on September 11th” has written, “I have read much of the writing about the emergency response that day, and have found “Report from Ground Zero” to be the closest to a definitive account.”