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Saccheri, Giovanni Girolamo

Born: 1667 AD
Died: 1733 AD

1667 – Born on the 5th of September in San Remo, Genoa. An Italian mathematician, philosopher and a Jesuit priest.


1685 – Joined the Jesuit order.


1690 – He studied Philosophy, Theology and Mathematics in Jesuit College of Brera.


1693 – Published Quaesita Geometrica which was dedicated to the governor of Milan named Guzman.


1694-1697 – He was ordained as a priest at Como.


         – He taught philosophy, theology and mathematics.


         – Published Logica Demonstrativa and dedicated it to a Milanese senator, Count Filippo Archintio.


1708 – His book entitled, Neo-Statica, was published and dedicated it to the Senate of Milan.


1733 – He died in Milano after publishing his last work, Euclides ab Omni Naevo Vindicatus. This was also dedicated to the Senate of Milan.