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Rutgers, Henry

Born: 1745 AD
Died: 1830 AD

1745 – Born on the 7th of October in New York City, New York.

1776 – His home served as a barracks during the British occupation of New York.

1784 – Colonel Rutgers was elected to the New York Legislature, where he served several terms.

1802 – He served on the New York Board of Education Regents.

1812 – Colonel Rutgers would continue to play a role in the defense of the young nation after the Revolution, presiding over a meeting held on the 24th of June to organize American forces in New York in anticipation of a British attack in the ensuing War.

1830 – Died in New York on the 17th of February and was long believed to have been buried in a Dutch Reformed Church yard in Belleville, New Jersey.

1885 – In gratitude, the trustees of the institution renamed itself Rutgers College on the 5th of December.