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Rundgren, Liv

Born: 1975 AD
Currently alive, at 44 years of age.

1977 – Born on July 1st in New York, New York. American actress.

1991 – She and her mother left Portland, Maine, for New York, where she got her start as a model.

1994-1995 – She was offered the part of Callie in "Heavy" after a single reading, and only three weeks later was cast in "Silent Fall".

         – James Mangold, director of "Heavy", decided to delay shooting until Liv was available.

1996 – Dated Joaquin Phoenix.

1998 – Starred in the film, "Armageddon".

2003 – Married to Royston Langdon on March 25th.

2004 – Her son Milo was born on the same day as the release of the Platinum Series Special Extended Edition of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.