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Rosenberg, Julius

Born: 1918 AD
Died: 1953 AD

1918 – He was born in New York on the 12th day of May this year.


1939 – He attended the Hebrew High School and the City College of New York, where he graduated in this year with a degree in electrical engineering. Later that year he married Ethel Greenglass, a clerical worker and an active trade unionist.


1944 – Julius had been introduced to Semenov by Bernard Schuster, a high ranking member of the Communist Party USA as well as Earl Browder’s personal KGB liaison. After Semenov was recalled to Moscow in this year, his duties were taken over by his apprentice, Alexander Feklisov.


1945 – During the Second World War Rosenberg was employed as a civilian inspector for the Army Signal Corps, but was dismissed in this year as a result of allegations that he was a member of the Communist Party. Rosenberg now opened a small machine shop in Manhattan with his brother-in-law, David Greenglass.


1950 – Greenglass was now interviewed and after confessing, claimed that Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were also members of the spy ring. In July of this year, he and his wife were arrested by the FBI and accused of spying for the Soviet Union. The couple was charged with conspiracy to commit espionage.


1951 – The Rosenbergs were convicted on March 29, 1951, and on the 5th of April they were sentenced to death by Judge Irving Kaufman under section 2 of the Espionage Act, 50 U.S. Code 32 (now 18 U.S. Code 794), which prohibits transmitting or attempting to transmit to a foreign government information "relating to the national defense."


1953 – He and Ethel Rosenberg remained on death row for twenty-six months. They both refused to confess and provide evidence against others and they were eventually executed on 19th day of June this year. As one political commentator pointed out, they died because they refused to confess and name others.