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Roosevelt, Theodore Jr.

Born: 1858 AD
Died: 1919 AD

1858 – Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., also known as T.R. and to the public (but never to friends and intimates) as Teddy, was the 26th President of the United States, and a leader of the Republican Party and of the Progressive Movement was born on the 27th of October. He served in many roles including Governor of New York, historian, naturalist, explorer, author, and soldier. Roosevelt is most famous for his personality: his energy, his vast range of interests and achievements, his model of masculinity, and his "cowboy” persona.


1876 – He matriculated at Harvard College, graduating magna cum laude.


1880 – He graduated Phi Beta Kappa and magna cum laude (22nd of 177) from Harvard, and entered Columbia Law School.


– Married his first wife, 19-year-old Alice Hathaway Lee, on the 27th, at the Unitarian Church in Brookline, Massachusetts. Alice was the daughter of the prominent banker George Cabot Lee and Caroline Haskell Lee.


1882 – 1884 – Member of New York assembly.


1884 – Daughter Alice Roosevelt Longworth was born on the 12th of February.


1886 – Married his childhood sweetheart, Edith Kermit Carow. They honeymooned in Europe, and Roosevelt climbed Mont Blanc, leading only the third recorded expedition to reach the summit, a feat which resulted in his induction into the British Royal Society. They had five children: Theodore Jr., Kermit, Ethel Carow, Archibald Bulloch "Archie", and Quentin.


1888 – Presidential election, Roosevelt campaigned for Benjamin Harrison in the Midwest. President Harrison appointed Roosevelt to the United States Civil Service Commission, where he served until 1895.


1889 – 1895 – Member of US Civil Service Commission.


1895 – 1897 – President of New York City Police Board.


1897 – 1889 – Assistant secretary of the navy.


1898 – Commander of First US Volunteer Cavalry (Rough Riders) in Spanish-American War 1898, leading dramatic charge up Kettle Hill near San Juan, Cuba.


1899 – 1901 – Governor of New York.


1901 – 1909 – Became President after the assassination of President William McKinley. The youngest president of US.


1902 – Signed Reclamation Act 1902, promoting sale of federal lands to fund irrigation and dam building in western US.


1903 – After Panama’s secession from Colombia, recognized Panama and concluded canal zone treaty with Panama.


1905 – Mediated end to Russo-Japanese War and signing of Treaty of Portsmouth.


1906 – Nobel Prize in Peace.


1906 – Signed Meat Inspection Act, Pure Food and Drug Act.


1907 – Concluded Gentleman’s Agreement with Japan, limiting Japanese immigration into US.


1912 – Progressive (Bull Moose) presidential candidate.


1919 – At the age of 60, Roosevelt died in his sleep of a coronary embolism at Oyster Bay on the 6th of January, and was buried in nearby Young’s Memorial Cemetery. Upon receiving word of his death, his son, Archie, telegraphed his siblings simply, "The old lion is dead." Woodrow Wilson’s vice president at the time Thomas R. Marshall said of his death "Death had to take Roosevelt sleeping, for if he had been awake, there would have been a fight."


2001 – Posthumously awarded Congressional Medal of Honor.