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Roosevelt, Franklin Delano

Born: 1882 AD
Died: 1945 AD

1882 – Born on the 30th of January in Hyde Park, New York, birth of the 32nd US president.

1903 – Finished his studies from Groton School and Harvard University respectively.

1904-1907 – Went into law school at Columbia Law School.

1905 – On 17th of March, he married Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, a distant cousin.

1907-1910 – Dropped out from Columbia Law School after having been admitted to the New York bar and then he worked for a law firm in Wall Street.

1910 – Got the opportunity to becoming a politician when the Dutchess County Republicans divided into groups of conservatives and progressives.

         – He won as a Democrat senator for New York.

1912 – Backed Woodrow Wilson for his presidential candidacy.

1913-1920 – Served as assistant secretary of the navy.

1920 – Won the US vice-presidential nomination of the party but did not succeed.

1921 – Stricken with poliomyelitis while at Campobello Island spending his summer vacation with wife.

1924 – Delivered the Happy Warrior speech.

1928 – Became the governor with accomplishments including civil-service reform and social welfare measures among others.

1932 – Got the party’s nomination for the country’s presidential seat.

1933 – Inaugurated as US president in March with the outburst of Great Depression.
1936 – Won a landslide victory over Alfred M. Landon.

1940 – Won against Wendell L. Willkie.

1944 – Defeated Thomas E. Dewey.

1945 – After being exhausted from overwork, he went to Warm Springs, Ga., and spa for a break.

1945 – Died on 12th of April in the same place where he took a break and buried at Hyde Park, New York.