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Robert Shivers

Born: 1941 AD
Currently alive, at 78 years of age.

1941 – Robert Shivers was born on the 18th of November in Laurinburg, North Carolina. His parents

moved to Jersey City,NJ whil he was still an infant.

1956 – Athe age of 15, Judge Taylor bass singer for the group The Romans intoduced him to Raymond

Whitney of the Four Sharps. He joined the group and they performed at local schooland church events.

1958 – Joined the U.S Air Force. Served (4) four years ad during that time performed with a group known

as The Protectors.

1962 – Honorably discharged from the military. Returned to Jersey City and met John Taylor who wrote

and produced hits for The Adlibs. Introduced to James Wright by John Taylor and "The Spellbinders" were


1963 – The group auditioned for Van McCoy and later recorded an album and several singles on the

Columbia and Date Record labels. The group toured extensively for several years afterwards.

1968 – Moved to Brooklyn, NY and worked with The New Testament Band when "The Spellbinders split up.

1970 – Moved to Birmingham, Ala. and went to work in th Broadcast Industry as an announcer.

1978 – Moved to Atlantic City, NJ and while still working as an announcer revived "The Spellbinders".

The group was a perennial favorite on "oldies" shows at New York’s world famous Apollo Theatre,

The Strand in Boston  and numerous clubs on the East Coast for several years.

2002 – Performed at the Gulah Fest in Beauford, SC, Hunter College,NYC, July 4th celebration in

Atlantic City.

2006 – Performed for Soul Trip USA at the East Brunswick Hilton