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Plenty Coups

Born: 1848 AD
Died: 1932 AD

1848 – Born near Billings, Montana. Chief Aleck-chea-ahoosh when translated to English means "Many Achievements" or "Plenty Coups". Successfully he led the Crow into many battles with their traditional enemies, the Blackfeet, Cheyenne, and Sioux and emerged unharmed bearing his enemies scalps and their finest horses.

1873 – At the age of 25 he became the chief of the Mountain Crows.

1876 – He maintained friendly relations with the Americans and supplied scouts for the Sioux Campaign led by General George A. Custer.

1877 – His men also took part in the Nez Perce operation.

1883 – Plenty Coups went to Washington to discuss the possibility of payments being paid for Crow land.

1887 – He managed to bring an end to a brief uprising by Crow warriors.

1904 – Plenty Coups became the the principal chief of the Crows.

1932 – Plenty Coups had eleven wives but no children died on 3rd of May and was considered to be the last greatest chiefs.