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Peters, Carl

Born: 1856 AD
Died: 1918 AD

1856 – Carl Peters, born on the 24th of September in Germany. He was a German traveller in Africa, one of the founders of German East Africa (East Africa, today’s Tanzania), was born at Neuhaus on the Elbe, the son of a Lutheran clergyman.

1879 – He studied at Göttingen, Tübingen and Berlin, and was awarded a gold medal by the Berlin University for his Frieden zu Venedig.

1884 – He proceeded with two companions to East Africa, and concluded in the name of his society treaties with the chiefs of Useguha, Nguru, Ijsagara and Ukami.

1885 – He formed the German East Africa Company.

1887 – He achieved an agreement with the Sultan of Zanzibar who leased his coastal dominions in what was to be Tanganyika to the German East Africa Company.

1888 – He undertook an expedition from the east coast of Africa, avowedly for the relief of Emin Pasha.

1890 – He concluded a treaty with the king of that country in favour of Germany.

1891 – On his return to Germany he was received with great honours, and published an account of his expedition entitled Die deutsche Emin Pasha Expedition, which was translated into English.

       – He went out again to East Africa as imperial high commissioner for the Kilimanjaro district.

1892 – He was one of the commissioners for delimiting the Anglo-German boundary in that region.

1893 – 1895 – He was recalled to Berlin and employed in the colonial office.

1897 – During this time official accusations were brought against him of excesses in his treatment of the native population, and after three investigations had been held he was, and deprived of his commission for misuse of official power losing all his pension benefits.

1901 – 1902 – He returned and gave an account of his explorations in Im Goldland des Altertums (The Eldorado of the Ancients).

1905 – Again visited the region between the Zambezi and Sabi rivers.

1918 – He died on the 10th of September.