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Parker Bowles, Camilla

Born: 1947 AD
Currently alive, at 72 years of age.

1947 – She was born Camilla Shand on the 17th day of July this year in London, England.


1970 – Early this year, she met Britain’s Prince Charles and both became romantic partners.


1973 – She ended up marrying not the prince, but instead she was married to Army captain Andrew Parker-Bowles in this year.


1975 – She gave birth to her first child, named Tom.


1979 – She once again gave birth to her second child named Laura.


1995 – She got divorced to her husband Andrew Bowler, while Prince Charles and Diana divorced in 1996. After Diana’s death in 1997, she and Charles became steady companion and partner, amid much public chatter about the propriety of their relationship and her eventual role should Charles become king.