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Otetiani Sagoyewatha

Born: 1758 AD
Died: 1830 AD

1758 – He was born near present day Geneva, New York.


1770 – Was an influential leader of the Seneca Indian Tribe and of the Iroquois confederation of tribes.


1777 – He participated in a council with British representatives at Oswego in the early summer, during which the Senecas and three other tribes of the Iroquois confederacy decided to abandon neutrality and enter the war on the British side.

1778 – He was also supposed to have refused to participate in the attack on the American settlement at Cherry Valley, New York.


1794-1797 – He was present at treaty negotiations in which major portions of Seneca land in upstate New York were ceded or partitioned into smaller reservations. 


1797 – He was heavily involved in the most controversial of all the sales of Seneca tribal land rights.


1812 – He influenced his people to support the United States. 


1827 – He was deposed as a Seneca chief. He died on the 20th of January, after his own family had converted to Christianity.