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Born: 1720 AD
Died: 1769 AD

1720 – He was born in Ottawa village on the Detroit or Maumee Rivers.

1747 – Pontiac became the Ottawa chief.

1754-1755 – Pontiac support the French during the French and Indian War.

         – It was believed that he took part in the French and Indian victory over the Braddock expedition on 9th of July in 1755.

1763 – On the 27th of April, he held a large council about 10 miles below Fort Detroit which is now known as Council Point Park in Lincoln Park, Michigan.

         – After their failure to capture Fort Detroit, Pontiac withdrew to the Illinois Country.

1766 – Pontiac met with the British superintendent of Indian affairs Sir William Johnson on the 25th of July at Oswego, New York, and formally ended hostilities.

1768 – He was forced to leave Ottawa village on the Maumee River.

1769 – Pontiac was murdered at the at the French village of Cahokia on the 20th of April.