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Naismith, James A.

Born: 1861 AD
Died: 1939 AD

1861 – Born on the 6th of November in Ramsay, Township (Canada).

1885 – He won the Wicksteed Silver Medal as the gymnastics champion of the school’s junior class.

1887 – He graduated among the top 10 in his class with a B.A. Honours.

1891 – He worked as a Physical Education Teacher.       

– He invented Basketball.  

1892 – He published the rules for Basketball.

1894 – He married Maude Sherman.

1898 – He studied in Denver, becoming a Professor and the school’s first basketball Coach.

1936 – He handed out the medals to three North American Teams.       

– He was named honorary President of the International Basketball Federation.

1937 – He was awarded his Doctor of Divinity from The Presbyterian Minister.        

1939 – He married Florence Kincade.

1939 – He died on the 28th of November in Lawrence, Kansas.