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Nadir Shah, Muhammad

Born: 1914 AD
Died: 1933 AD

1914 – Born on the 16th of October in Southern Afghanistan         
1933 -On the 8th of November he was proclaimed King of Afghanistan after his father Mohammed Nadir

           Shah (King Of Afghanistan) was  assassinated.

1964 – He promulgated a new constitution in Afghanistan, instituted programs of political and

            economic modernization.

1973 – His cousin and former Prime Minister Mohammed Daoud Khan staged a coup d’etat , and established

            a republican government  while Mohammed Zahir Shah was in Italy undergoing eye surgery.

          – He was exiled in Italy for twenty-nine years after the coup d’etat.

2002 – He returned to Afghanistan while the said country was under American occupation.       

2007 – On 2nd of January, he was reportedly seriously ill and bedridden.