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Murdock, William

Born: 1754 AD
Died: 1839 AD

1754 – Born near Cumnock, East Ayrshire, Scotland, on the 21st of August.

1777 – At the age of 23, he walked to Birmingham, a distance of over 300 miles, in order to ask for a job with James Watt, the famous steam engine manufacturer.

1779 – In September Murdoch was sent to Redruth in Cornwall as a senior engine erector, responsible for the erection, maintenance & repair of Boulton & Watt engines.

1782 – Murdoch was discussing and collaborating with Watt on a number of inventions and improvements.

1795 – Murdoch developed a replacement for isinglass, a precipitate made from sturgeon used in the clarifying of beer to remove impurities, which had to be imported from Russia at great expense.

1798 – Murdoch returned to Birmingham to work in the Soho foundry and continued his experiments with gas, as part of which he lit the interior of the Soho main building, although it is likely that it was lit only in part and not permanently.

1799 – His invention of a much simplified and more efficient steam wheel than those in use at the time.

1817 – Murdoch moved into a large new house he had built outside Birmingham.

1815 – He designed and installed the first gravity fed piped hot water system since classical times at Leamington Spa Baths.

1839 – Died on the 15th of November.