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Muhammad Anwar Al Sadat

Born: 1918 AD
Died: 1981 AD

1918 – Born on the 25th of December in Mit Abu al-Kum, al-Minufiyah, Egypt.

1938 – He graduated from the Royal Military Academy in Cairo.

       – He was appointed in the Signal Corps.

1952 – Along with his fellow Free Officers, he participated in the Revolution of 52′ which overthrew King Farouk I. When the coup which launched the Revolution was initiated, he was assigned to take over the radio networks to announce the news of the Revolution to the Egyptian people.

1954 – He was appointed Minister of State.

1959 – He assumed the position of Secretary to the National Union.

1960 – 1968 – He was the President of the National Assembly.

1964 – After holding many positions in the Egyptian government, he was chosen to be vice president by President Nasser.

       – Served as vice president and member of the Presidential Council.

1969 – Was reappointed as vice president again in December.

1971 – Endorsed in a letter the peace proposals of UN negotiator Gunnar Jarring which seemed to lead to a full peace with Israel on the basis of Israel’s withdrawal to its pre-war borders.

1973 – He launched the October War, a surprise attack against the Israeli forces occupying the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights in an attempt to liberate the territory captured by Israel six years earlier.

1977 – Became the first Arab leader to officially visit Israel when he met with Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, and spoke before the Knesset in Jerusalem about his views on how to achieve a comprehensive peace to the Arab-Israeli conflict, which included the full implementation of UN Resolutions 242 and 338.

1981 – He cracked down on intellectuals and activists of all ideological stripes, imprisoning communists, Nasserists, feminists, Islamists, homosexuals, Coptic Christian clergy, university professors, journalists and members of student groups.

       – On the 6th of October, he was assassinated during the annual 6th October victory parade in Cairo.