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Muhammad 'Abd Ar-Ra'uf Al-Qudwah Al-Husayni

Born: 1929 AD
Died: 2004 AD

1929 – Born on August 24th in Cairo, Egypt. Palestinian politician and resistance leader.

1940 – Arafat got involved with Palestinian politics, and fought against the idea of Israel before Israel was re-established by U.N. edict.

1956 – Arafat started a terrorist group called Al Fatah ("the struggle"), while pro-Palestinian forces in Egypt, Syria, and Jordan started the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).

1959 – He co-founded Al Fatah movement.

1969 – Arafat was elected Chairman of the PLO’s Executive Committee.

1991 – Married to Suha At-Taweel Arafat.

1993 – He secretly met with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in Norway, and signed the so-called Oslo Peace Accords.

1994 – Arafat, Rabin, and Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres got to share a Nobel Peace Prize.

1995 – Was the president of Palestinian Authority.

1996 – Arafat was elected President of the Palestinian Authority, and since then Israel’s government has taken a hard turn to the right.

1998 – He signed the Wye Memorandum with Benjamin Netanyahu.

2004 – Died of cerebral hemorrhage on November 11th in Clamart, Hauts-de-Seine, France.