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Marcos, Ferdinand Edralin

Born: 1917 AD
Died: 1989 AD

1917 – Born on the 11th of September in Sarrat, Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

1929 – He finished primary education at Ermita Elementary School in Manila, Philippines.

1937 – He served as 3rd lieutenant in the Philippine Constabulary (national police) Reserve.

         – He studied law at U.P University of the Philippines.

1938 – He was indicted for the assassination of Congressman Julio Nalundasan.

1939 – On the month of November, he was convicted of the assassination Congressman Julio Nalundasan.

1942 – He served in the Philippine Armed Forces as a combat intelligent officer of the 21st Infantry Division.

1946 – He was a technical assistant to President of the Philippines Manuel Roxas.

1949 – He served for three consecutive terms in the House of Representatives.

1954 – He married Imelda Romuadez.

1959 – He won in an election in the senate.

1962 – He became the president of the Senate.

1965 – He became the President of the Philippines.

1972 – On the 21st of September he declared martial law over the entire country of the Philippines.

1986 – He was removed as a President of the Philippines by "People Power" Edsa Revolution.

         – He was in exile in Hawaii together with his family.

1989 – On the 28th of September, he died of kidney, heart, and lung ailments in Honolulu, Hawaii.