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Magsaysay, Ramon

Born: 1907 AD
Died: 1957 AD

1907 – He was born on the 31st of August of this year in Iba, Zambales.


1927 – He enrolled at the University of the Philippines. He took up a pre-law course and later shifted to engineering, all the while working as a chauffeur to support himself. However, he did not finish his course due to illness.


1931 – Eventually, he studied commerce at Jose Rizal College, graduating in 1931. He started to work as chief mechanic for the Try Tran Bus Company in Manila just to support his studies.


1933 – He first met his future wife, Luz Banzon, at the office of Try Tran, when she was picking up the payment for a bus company that her father had sold to Try Tran. They married on the 10th day of June of the same year.


1942 – When World War II broke out in the Philippines, Magsaysay joined the motor pool of the 31st Infantry Division of the Philippine army as a Captain. Following the fall of Bataan in this year, he organized the Western Luzon Guerrilla Forces that fought against the Japanese.


1946 – On the 3rd day of April of this year, Magsaysay was elected as an Independent to the Philippine House of Representatives.


1948 – President Roxas chose Magsaysay to go to Washington as Chairman of the Committee on Guerilla Affairs, to help to secure passage of the Rogers Bill, giving considerable benefits to Philippine veterans. In the so-called "dirty election" of 1949, he was re-elected to a second term in the House of Representatives. During both terms, he was Chairman of the House National Defense Committee.


1953 – He became the seventh President of the Philippines on the 30th day of December this year, and served until the time of his death. He was elected President under the banner of the Nacionalista Party.


1950 – In early August of this year, he offered President Quirino a plan to fight the Communist guerillas, using his own experiences in guerilla warfare during World War II. After some hesitation, Quirino realized that there was no alternative and appointed him Secretary of National Defence on August 31, 1950.


1952 – In June this year, Magsaysay made a goodwill tour to the United States and Mexico. He visited New York, Washington, D. C. (with a medical check-up at Walter Reed Hospital) and Mexico City where he spoke at the Annual Convention of Lions International.


1953 – President Quirino thought the threat of the Huks was under control and Secretary Magsaysay was becoming too powerful. Magsaysay met with interference and obstruction from the President and his advisers, in fear they might be unseated at the next presidential election.


1954 – He led the foundation of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization also known as the Manila Pact of 1954, that aimed to defend South East Asia, South Asia and Southwestern Pacific from communism. He was also known for his integrity and strength of character.


1957 – He died of plane crashed at age 56 on the 17th day of March of this year in Mt. Manunggal, Balamban, Cebu.