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Lopez Mateos, Adolfo

Born: 1910 AD
Died: 1969 AD

1910 – Born 26th of May in Atizapán de Zaragoza, Mexico.

1929 – Graduated from the Scientific and Literary Institute of Toluca, where he was a delegate and student leader of the Socialist Labor Party.

Supported the presidential campaign of José Vasconcelos, an opposition candidate, against Pascual Ortiz Rubio.

1931-1934 – Worked as an orator for the presidential campaign of Miguel Alemán Valdés.

1934 – Received a law degree from the National School of Law.

1946-1952 – Became senator for the state of Mexico after Fabela resigned.

         – Secretary of Labor under president Adolfo Ruiz Cortines.

1958-1964 – Elected President of Mexico.

1969 – He died 22nd of September because of cerebral aneurysms and years in a coma.