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Liebling, Raimund

Born: 1933 AD
Currently alive, at 86 years of age.

1933 – Born on August 18th in Paris, France.

1955 – Appeared in Andrzej Wajda’s Pokolenie.

1959 – Married to Basia Kwiatkowski.

         – Graduated from Lodz Film School, Poland.

1962 – His feature debut, Nóz w wodzie, was the first Polish post-war film not associated with the war theme.

1963 – His early shorts such as Dwaj ludzie z szafa, Gros et le maigre, Le and Ssaki showed his taste for black humor and interest in bizarre human relationships.

1968 – Married to Sharon Tate.

         – Polanski went to Hollywood, where he made the psychological thriller Rosemary’s Baby.

1969 – After the brutal murder of his wife Sharon Tate by the infamous Manson gang, the director decided to return to Europe.

1974 – Won a Golden Globe award for Best Director for Chinatown.

1976 – Was one of the judges in the Miss Universe pageant.

1978 – He fled to United States after pleading guilty to statutory rape but before being sentenced.

1979 – After Tess, which was awarded several Oscars and Cesars, his work became intermittent and rarely approached the level of his better known films. The director also stretched his talents to include occasional work in theatre.

1989 – Married to Emmanuelle Seigner.

1997 – Reuters reports that Polanski is returning to face sentencing on statutory rape charges. Ten years later with no return, it’s clear the reports were false.

2003 – Won an Oscar for Best Director for The Pianist.