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Lesk, Michael

Born: 0000 AD
Currently alive, at 2019 years of age.

1960 – Worked for the SMART project, wrote much of their retrieval code and did many of the retrieval experiments, as well as obtaining a PhD in Chemical Physics.

1970 – Worked in the group that built Unix and I wrote Unix tools for word processing (tbl, refer), compiling (lex), and networking (uucp).

1980 – He worked on specific information systems applications, mostly with geography (a system for driving directions) and dictionaries (a system for disambiguating words in context), as well as running a research group at Bellcore.

1990 – Joined on a large chemical information system, the CORE project, with Cornell, OCLC, ACS and CAS.

1994 – He received the "Flame” award for lifetime achievement from Usenix.

1998-2002 – He was the head of the Division of Information and Intelligent Systems at the National Science Foundation.

2005 – Elected to the National Academy of Engineering.