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Born: 9680 AD
Died: 1057 AD

968 – Leofric, Earl of Mercia was born.

1030 – He had certainly become Earl of Mercia.

1035 – He supported her son Harold Harefoot against Harthacanute, Cnut’s son by Emma, when Cnut died.

1040 – Harold died and was succeeded by Harthacanute, who made himself unpopular with heavy taxation in his short reign.

1042 – He was succeeded by his half-brother Edward the Confessor.

1050 – Leofric and Godiva appear jointly in the grant of land to the monastery of St Mary, Worcester and the endowment of the minster at Stow St Mary, Lincolnshire.

1055 – His son Elfgar was outlawed, "without any fault", says the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

         – He raised an army in Ireland and Wales and brought it to Hereford, where he clashed with the army of Earl Ralph of Herefordshire and severely damaged the town.

1057 – Leofric died "at a good old age" died on the 30th of September  at his estate at Kings Bromley in Staffordshire.