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Lebna Dengel

Born: 1508 AD
Died: 1540 AD

1508 – Born (1508), he was the son of Emperor Na’od and Queen Na’od Mogasa.


1517 – He ambushed and killed Emir Mahfuz of Harar.


1528 – 1531 – He was attacked and defeated by Ahmad ibn Ibrihim al-Ghazi at the Battle of Shimbra Kure and Battle of Amba Sel.


1537 – 1539 – Both of his sons were captured. His oldest son, Fiqtor, was killed at Zara in Wag by Ahmad’s lieutenant in (1537). Then, his son Menas, was captured and sent to Yemen on (1539).


1540 – He was killed near Debre Damo on September 2 while in battle.