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Lassalle, Ferdinand

Born: 1825 AD
Died: 1864 AD

1825 – Born on the 11th of April.

1845 – He began to write a work on Heraclitus from the Hegelian point of view.

         – It was in Berlin, towards the end of, that he met Countess Sophie von Hatzfeldt.

1848-1849 – Lassalle took part in the revolutions of as a result he underwent a year’s imprisonment for resistance to the authorities of Düsseldorf and was banned from living in Berlin

1859 – Lassalle resided mostly in the Rhineland, dealing with the suit of the countess, and finishing the work on Heraclitus.

         – Lassalle returned to Berlin, entering the city disguised as a carter, and, through the influence of Alexander von Humboldt with the king, received permission to stay there.

1861 – Lassalle published System der erworbenen Rechte on this subject.

1863 – Lassalle founded the Allgemeiner Deutscher Arbeiterverein on the 23rd of May.

         – Lassalle was the first president of the ADAV, which was the first German labour party.

1864 – Lassalle was mortally wounded, and he died on the 31st of August.