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Kemp, John

Born: 1380 AD
Died: 1454 AD

1380 – John Kemp was born.

1415 – He practised as an ecclesiastical lawyer, was an assessor at the trial of Oldcastle, and was made dean of the Court of Arches but did not do a good job as dean.

1419 – He was elected bishop of Rochester, and was consecrated at Rouen on the 3rd of December.

1421 – In February, he was translated to Chichester, and in November following to London.

1426 – He succeeded as chancellor in March.

1432 – His resignation on the 28th of February was a concession to Gloucester.

1435 – He still enjoyed Beaufort’s favour, and retaining his place in the council was employed on important missions, especially at the congress of Arras.

1439 – In December, he was created cardinal, and during the next few years took less share in politics.

1452 – He was rewarded by his translation to Canterbury in July, when Pope Nicholas added as a special honour the title of cardinal-bishop of Santa Rufina.

1454 – Died on the 22nd of March.